Friday, October 4, 2013


I think the word retire needs to be considered as a Derridean term that forces us to consider the multivalence of the word. Retiring means , in common use, to stop working but lately everyone I meet who says they just retired also says they don't know how they got anything done while working because they are SO busy. This leads me to think about retiring as just getting tired all over again but in a different way. I think of this because as I have mentioned, I am seeing a specialist about my Chronic medical issue IC. He is in Knoxville Tennessee, that is a firm 2 hour drive one way, I also have Physical therapy twice a week and I visit my therapist once a week. For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to stay afloat in an online class offered by the Wharton School at UPENN in Financial Accounting AND THEN the International Storytelling Festival started in Jonesborough, Tennessee on October 4-today. I tried to go. I managed to see two awesome storytellers but my pain issues would not allow my to spend more time trudging across lawns and up hills. I highly recommend the Storytelling Festival. These are international top quality story tellers who are talented beyond belief. Check it out

The food, the fun, the history, Jonesborough is the Oldest town in Tennessee and it was the only "Southern" state that did not sign the articles of secession and yet it remained a slave holding state until the end of the Civil War. Lots of complicated history here.

I love hearing stories about the complications of others because I just get tired of listening to myself. I hope to see more voices on this blog. I am doing my best to increase its profile so more people can find it. More St Anne's stories are coming up and if you are a girl who spent time there who happens to stumble upon this blog, please post and give a shout out. We lived through some stuff in that place, not all bad but definitely different. It was a long day and I am once again (re)tired. More Later.